Our 2021 Mission

Our 2021 Mission

Here at Pear Tree Collection, our mission for 2021 is to try and make the world a better place.

We are not expecting world peace or to end world hunger, but we can make little changes to our lives which help make a difference to our local environment.

All the items we purchase are carefully chosen to ensure a minimal impact on the environment. Whether this is by making sure we stock as many plastic free items as possible, buying from UK based manufacturers, or helping to promote reusable alternatives to everyday items.

We have a fantastic range of eco-friendly items such as bamboo cutlery and children’s feeding sets, stationery sets made from recycled materials as well as bee and insect houses to promote wildlife in our gardens.

All the packaging used when sending out all your lovely orders is either made from recycled materials or can be completely recycled with ease.

We are also hoping we can get parents and children get back to basics when it comes to spending time with each other. Rather than buying the latest craze, which is full of plastic, we have a great range of craft kits! Why not spend time together making and sewing your child’s new favourite soft toy? Our kits contain everything that is needed to make your new friend so there is no need to rush around various shops trying to put together all the materials.

We also have new bee houses, insect hotels and bird feeders. Spend some time with your little ones in the garden teaching them the importance of wildlife. Why not share a picture with us using #PearTreeAndMe

This year we are going to be growing our own fruit, veg, and plants from seed so check back later in the year for all the updates on how well (or badly!) they are growing.

We hope that you have had chance to read our previous blog post about New Year’s Resolutions, and we'd love to hear from you about your New Year's Resolutions too!